Historic Rockwall Photos

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Thomas F. Shaw
First Sheriff of Rockwall County 1873

2nd Courthouse
First to be built in the middle of the town square.
Erected in 1874 and burned 27 January 1892 supposedly due to a defective flue, loss reported at $4,500.

Old Settlers in front of the 3rd Courthouse in 1892
The third Courthouse was built in 1892 after the second had burned.
Built from Rockwall County stone quarried from the McReynolds farm north of the city, cost $25,000.

Demolition of the 3rd Courthouse in March 1941
Arguably the most beautiful of Rockwall's Courthouses it had to be razed due to mortar failure.

An early photo of "The Rockwall"
This section was discovered in 1857, just one of many digs
 since "The Rockwall" was first discovered in 1852 by T.U. Wade.

Bankhead Filling Station
First Gas Station in Rockwall circa 1920.
Owned and operated by Jack, Woodie, & Henson Lowe.
This historical landmark was standing up until the early 1990's
 when the last owner decided to make a dirt parking lot of it.

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